Angina In Woodbridge & Stafford, VA

Chest pain is probably one of the scariest symptoms a person can face. In fact, chest pain is one of the top reasons people come into the ER. While chest pain can be caused by a heart attack, people are often relieved to hear that most chest pain cases aren’t due to a heart attack but rather angina. When there is reduced blood flow to the heart this results in chest pain. This is known as angina and it’s often a sign that someone has coronary artery disease, so this problem shouldn’t go ignored.

So, how will you know that you’re dealing with angina? Since angina causes chest pains, if this is your first time dealing with chest pains or if you haven’t been diagnosed with angina before then it’s always best to play it safe and visit the ER for immediate medical attention.

People with angina liken the condition to feeling heaviness or tightness in their chest, which can sometimes spread to other areas of the body like the arms, back, or neck. These symptoms typically appear during moments of intense emotion, as well as during exercise or stress. Sometimes people can experience symptoms after eating, which may lead people to assume that they are simply dealing with indigestion.

If the pain appears and then goes away, this is a sign of angina; however, once the pain goes away this doesn’t mean that you can simply ignore it. You must turn to a cardiologist who can run the appropriate tests to see if angina might be responsible for your symptoms. After all, people with angina often have coronary heart disease, a common type of heart disease that could also increase your risk for heart attack.

By turning to a cardiologist, you can start taking the necessary precautions to improve your lifestyle and heart health to improve life with coronary heart disease while also reducing your risk for a heart attack in the future. Of course, along with leading a healthier lifestyle, some medications can be used to help the arteries of the heart relax, so more blood can pump to the heart.

If you are experiencing chest pain or heaviness, or any heart-related symptoms, you must seek immediate medical attention. If you are dealing with angina, the cardiology team at NOVA Cardiovascular Care has offices in Woodbridge and Stafford, VA, to serve you and your heart-related needs. Call (703) 492-6822 or (540) 628-2173 to book an Appointment Today!