What Is an EKG?

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. It’s important that you understand if you’re at a higher risk for developing heart disease so that you can make changes to lessen these risks. It’s not always easy to calculate your risks without specific tests, which is how an EKG can help. An EKG helps determine your risk of developing heart disease or dealing with a heart attack before it occurs. Our cardiologists at Nova Cardiovascular Care in Woodbridge and Stafford, VA, can explain what an EKG is and when you might need one. 

What Is An EKG? 

There are certain factors that may put you at a higher risk of developing heart disease and it’s important to be aware of what these may be. The best thing is to talk to our cardiologist in Woodbridge and Stafford, VA, about needing an EKG. If you have a family history of heart disease, it’s important that you make good lifestyle choices and get tested regularly. 

An EKG measures your heart’s activity and how it responds in certain situations. Before your test begins, you’ll have electrodes placed on the chest, arms, and legs. These are connected to a machine that measures and records your heart activity. During an exercise stress test, you’ll either be on a treadmill or stationary bike and have your heart activity measured at different phases of the test. 

Once the test is complete, your cardiologist will review the information and look for any irregularities. If there are causes for concern, a treatment plan will be created to help you improve your cardiovascular health and prevent heart disease. 

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Make sure your heart is healthy. Contact our cardiologists at Nova Cardiovascular Care in Woodbridge and Stafford, VA, to learn more about EKG’s and if you need one today. Call for more information and to schedule an appointment today at (703) 492-6822 for the office in Woodbridge, VA, and (540) 628-2173 for the office in Stafford, VA.

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