Preparing for a Stress Test: What To Expect and How To Get Ready

Stress tests offer valuable insights into heart function and overall cardiovascular health. Whether scheduled as part of a routine checkup or to investigate specific symptoms, preparing for a stress test can help ensure a smooth and informative experience. Stress tests can also help diagnose specific problems that you might be dealing with and help your cardiologist understand how to best treat any issues you might have. Your cardiologists at Nova Cardiovascular Care in Woodbridge and Stafford, VA, can explain how to prepare for stress tests and what the process might entail.

Preparing for Your Stress Test

Stress tests are typically performed to assess the heart's response to physical exertion, detect coronary artery disease, evaluate the effectiveness of cardiac treatments, or determine safe levels of exercise for individuals with heart conditions. By simulating the effects of exercise on the heart, stress tests provide valuable diagnostic information that guides treatment decisions. Your cardiologists in Woodbridge and Stafford, VA, will help you prepare for your stress tests and let you know what you can expect.

Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes suitable for exercise. Avoid garments with metal closures or underwire bras, as they may interfere with electrode placement. Be sure to inform your cardiologist about any medications you're taking, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter supplements, and herbal remedies. They may advise you to temporarily discontinue certain medications before the test.

Be sure to follow any fasting instructions provided by your healthcare provider, particularly if you're scheduled for a nuclear stress test or have been instructed to avoid caffeine and food for a specific period before the test. Stay hydrated by drinking water unless otherwise directed. Depending on your medical condition and the type of stress test being performed, your cardiologist may advise you to refrain from vigorous exercise or strenuous activities in the hours leading up to the test.

During a stress test, you'll be connected to equipment that records your heart rate, rhythm, blood pressure, and other vital signs throughout the procedure. A stress test typically involves exercising on a treadmill or stationary bicycle while gradually increasing the intensity of the activity. You'll be closely supervised by your cardiologist who will monitor your symptoms and response to exercise. In some cases, medications may be administered to simulate the effects of exercise on the heart if you're unable to exercise adequately.

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